Friday, February 18, 2011

NO SCHOOL ---- No Snow

That is right - we do not have school today and we also don't have any snow. We've been enjoying unseasonably warm temps this week - 30's, 40's and even up in the 50's. Which has pretty well taken care of all the snow - just a few spots of snow here and there. I must say it isn't very pretty as everything is muddy. Suppose to be windy today so maybe that will dry things out a little bit. I would be ready for this spring weather to stay but must remind myself it is only the middle of February!!

Now for the no school. Well, perhaps you have heard that the state of Wisconsin is in an uproar due to a bill the new governor is trying to get passed. I am totally not a political person so not even "involved" in what is going on or even know too many of the details. I suppose that is not a good thing but... Anyway the bill has a big impact on unions. So many of the public workers have been protesting this week - including the teachers. Madison schools have been closed now for 3 days in a row. Yesterday most of the smaller surrounding schools were closed here but we did still go. Yesterday afternoon, our teachers decided it was their turn to put in for a "sick" day for today. So, that happened and therefore no school for us. It is said though that staff is required to report - so guess that means that I need to go in. Not sure if it means we will be there all day or not. Will have to see. The kids are enjoying a "sleep in" this morning.

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