Friday, February 18, 2011

NO SCHOOL ---- No Snow

That is right - we do not have school today and we also don't have any snow. We've been enjoying unseasonably warm temps this week - 30's, 40's and even up in the 50's. Which has pretty well taken care of all the snow - just a few spots of snow here and there. I must say it isn't very pretty as everything is muddy. Suppose to be windy today so maybe that will dry things out a little bit. I would be ready for this spring weather to stay but must remind myself it is only the middle of February!!

Now for the no school. Well, perhaps you have heard that the state of Wisconsin is in an uproar due to a bill the new governor is trying to get passed. I am totally not a political person so not even "involved" in what is going on or even know too many of the details. I suppose that is not a good thing but... Anyway the bill has a big impact on unions. So many of the public workers have been protesting this week - including the teachers. Madison schools have been closed now for 3 days in a row. Yesterday most of the smaller surrounding schools were closed here but we did still go. Yesterday afternoon, our teachers decided it was their turn to put in for a "sick" day for today. So, that happened and therefore no school for us. It is said though that staff is required to report - so guess that means that I need to go in. Not sure if it means we will be there all day or not. Will have to see. The kids are enjoying a "sleep in" this morning.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Week Ends........

Wow - they come and go so fast. Although maybe not fast enough with the cold weather! Anyway, another week end has started. It was a very cold - BRRRR - week. Three straight days of below zero weather. You know what that does for the school kids?? Inside recess for three days in a row. We were all ready to get outside today and glad for the announcement at 10:00 - It will be outside recess today!!! Now we are looking forward to warmer temps all next week. We are actually looking at a 50 degree difference in temps!!

Well, last week end turned out to be a bummer. I woke up Saturday and decided I better get into the Dr. since my eye was all red and appeared to be infected. Yes, indeed, it was "pink eye". Along with a staph/strep infection in one lymph gland which was swollen to the size of a golf ball. Oh, and also no voice and instructions to "not even whisper". Yeah right!! Anyway, I wasn't very happy as I had lots of plans that I had to cancel. I came home and hibernated on the couch - maybe even pouted a little. And even had to miss the Super Bowl!!! Dan joined me as he was miserable with a cold. We each had our couch and blanket. Anyway, all is well now.

We did manage to celebrate birthdays a little bit. Travis turned 15 - my baby - and Michael turned 23. Danelle was home for the week end so we were all together. Travis had his favorite spaghetti supper - and DQ ice cream cake. For Michael we had Papa Murphy's pizza.

Tomorrow I am headed on the team bus with Angela for a gymnastics meet. They are having a super good year with lots of improvements. Three more weeks and then they are done. We are usually ready for that as it gets to be a long season. Sunday afternoon Dan and I will go to the play that we had to cancel out of last week end. Run For Your Wife - sounds good???

Dan and Michael went snowmobiling tonight. Probably won't have trails open much longer so they have to enjoy it while they can.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Try Again

Ok, I will try again to maybe keep up this blog a little better. I really do enjoy reading other blogs - they always seem so interesting. This morning we are enjoying 2 extra hours at home due to weather. Suppose to get heavy snow again tonight along with strong winds - making for blizzard conditions. Perhaps tomorrow will be an "all day" at home. We haven't had a snow day yet so we could use one!

Travis has enjoyed snowboarding this winter. We've been able to do a little snowmobiling. Trails should open up again after this storm. Angela is busy with gymnastics - they have meets almost every Saturday.

This last week end Danelle andI enjoyed a "ladies" outing with some dear friends and their daughters. We went to the broadway musical "Mama Mia". If you ever get a chance to go, it was wonderful. Of course, it also involved eating out and having some laughs.

Michael and Gary returned home from Montana. They had a good week of snowmobiling.

Now, we will anxiously wait for Spring!!

Friday, June 11, 2010


Finally school is over and we are officially beginning summer vacation. We are getting ready to leave today for our annual fishing trip to Canada. Looking forward to some RRR - rest, relaxation and reading. Oh yes, and better not forget the fishing!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

April "Winds"

I thought March was the windy month?? Well, we have sure been having lots of wind the last several days. But before that we enjoyed 80 degree temps!! Lots of sunshine though - which is wonderful. Dan's surgery went well but they did find lots of damage to the shoulder and had to reconnect several tendons. He was definately laid up for about a month. He is now back in the tractor mixing feed and planting crops. I am sure it is more than the Dr. would allow!! He has therapy 3 times a week. He is not using his right arm much - no strength as far as lifting it up. Therapy will have to build the strength back up. He is getting good at doing things with one arm and a little assistance from the other. His other arm really hurts sometimes at night because it is getting such a workout!!

We enjoyed our Spring vacation in Tennessee. We had rented a cabin in the mountains and let me tell you, it was really in the mountains!! Winding, switch back roads to get to it but it was beautiful. Had a hot tub on the deck which we really enjoyed every evening and morning. We went to several dinner shows, did some hiking in the Smoky Mountains, spent one day at Dollywood - an amusement park, and of course, the usual tourist shopping.

The school count down is on - 7 weeks. Next will be our annual fishing trip to Canada as soon as school gets out. And looking forward to family reunion in Montana this summer.

Time to get started with Saturday work. We have to do some cleaning up in the yard and mowing grass. Angela and Travis working at the campground so probably won't get much help from them!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Surprise, Surprise!!

Well, lets see if everyone has given up on me or if "someone" still checks my blog once in awhile!! If so, you are in for a surprise because I am actually writing!! Let me know as I may keep up with this.

The school year has been busy. Angela played volleyball, just finished gymnastics, and has now started track. She is also driving now so that saves me a lot of running. Travis enjoyed football and I think he is now going to do track. School is going well for both of them.

Dan has surgery on his shoulder tomorrow and will be in a sling for 2 months. The tendon is tore in 3 different places. He will have to be very careful and will be limited as to what he can do. Will be interesting. He thinks maybe he will like it so well he will retire. I kind of think it may be the other way - he will be anxious to get back to work!!

I promise to write again!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

As I was having my morning coffee, I was so thankful for an email from Dale and Bonnie with pictures of Ken's, Mom, and Dad's graves. I took some time to reflect and have some memories of each one - and miss them so much once again. Thinking of each one who would be remembering loved ones.

As the day is coming to an end, I feel like it was a wonderful "Monday". So glad to have an extra day at home before going back to school. We started our day with our morning walk. Danelle went with me - she was ready to walk after her half marathon yesterday. Michael cooked brats and hamburgers on the grill for our lunch. Caught up with all the laundry. Finished switching my closet from winter to summer. I don't have one of those "year round" closets!! Did some work outside in the yard. I actually feel like going back to school tomorrow! Only 2 1/2 weeks left!!